Naked Tuesday – The Book

Naked Tuesday Title

    “Naked Tuesday – Kids are gone, the house is empty, Tuesday is MY day’

This charmingly self-deprecating collection of real-life essays follows author Judy Kucharuk as she gets older…but never quite grows up.

What is an aspiring writer to do when she has a boringly “normal” life? Add a little pizzazz!

And so author Judy Kucharuk does in her wonderfully witty new essay compilation, Naked Tuesday.

While the title story is the only one that is purely fictional, all the tales that Kucharuk includes are “polished” a bit to add the right amount of artistic flair.

Shining through the glittery overlay, however, lie real experiences, emotions, and personal battles that illuminate the human experience as only truly talented writers can.

As she details her lifelong struggle against depression, her ever-shifting relationships with those she loves the most, and being forced to grow up quicker than a child should have to, Kucharuk—as an “ordinary” wife and mother of two—reveals the truths behind our everyday triumphs and tragedies…and provides a few laughs to get us through.

When her life is completely upended, Kucharuk shows that a simple girl from a small town can follow her dreams and find the happiness she deserves. It is an inspiring (and often hilarious) look at the funny way the world works.

Early reviews about “Naked Tuesday”

“When a self-professed semi-narcissist takes you on a trip down memory lane, it truly is a ‘trip’. Relating stories from her fascinating childhood right through to present day, Judy, with a penchant for inappropriate comments at appropriate moments, leaves you snorting coffee out your nose, or awash in teary-eyed nostalgia.

Her stories, like getting hooked on an actual hook, putting the Krazy in Karpet, failing to find the nice in lice, trying to cope with the ‘grind’ in her ‘daily’, children, relatives, friends, work, relationships-each put the ‘life’ in one’s life story.

Take a ride down Judy’s memory lane. It’s a trip well worth making!” – Diane Stringam Tolley, Best Selling Author and award winning Blogger

“Don’t look now! Popular news columnist and CBC radio contributor, Judy Kucharuk, is airing her dirty laundry.

In her first book, Naked Tuesdays, Kucharuk strips down and bares her soul.

A tender and wickedly funny book, that grapples with addiction, depression, aging and everything else life throws our way.” – Carolina de Ryk, Host of CBC Daybreak North, Prince Rupert

“Naked Tuesday is a photo album in words instead of pictures. From 0-50 in 257 pages, each snapshot gives you just enough to leave you wanting more”. – Janet Kestin, Co-Author of Darling You Can’t Do both (and other noise to ignore on your way up)

My sister June received an advanced copy to do one final edit and this was her response 🙂 #pimpingoutmyfamily




“Finished your book. It was so good! I had some laughs and also some tears. There were many moments when I would think “Wow, sounds like a story from my life”. Well done Judy Kucharuk. Can’t wait for the next one!” – Joyce


“Well, the inevitable has happened. I feel lost, broken, needing “something”. I have finished Naked Tuesday. I tried to slow it down, read only one story per day, but, as with all good things, they come to an end. First the Olympics, now this. Should we start a support group? Judy, please say you’re working on another…” – Tracy

“Hi friend. I finished your book today and I just wanted you to know that I really loved it. I felt that it was a very honest and raw peek inside your head and your heart. The best part about it is that it personified you to a tee. It was like having a conversation with Judy. I laughed out loud on many occasions as well as shed a few tears, most notably when you referred to running into the kid from school who had been bullied. I feel really proud of you. You’re a published author. You should be very proud of yourself. XOX”

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