No Strings Attached

Karma came to visit today
Running to the door, I was overcome with excitement
You see…..I had been waiting for Karma to arrive for years
I had given of myself
Over and over again
Everyone said, “don’t you worry, Karma will repay your kindness”
So I waited
And waited
And waited
Today was the day!
Karma was at my door and I couldn’t wait to see what she would bring to me.
“What goes around, comes around” everyone said
It had finally come around!
Swinging open the door I greeted Karma!
Karma was standing there with empty arms
Tears came to my eyes.
I had been a shoulder to lean on, a giver of sweat and hard work.
I had pounded nails, cooked meals, walked door to door.
Why was Karma at my door empty handed?
Seeing my disappointment, Karma asked “I will repay your kindness if you can tell me with a pure heart that you gave of yourself each and every time with no expectation”.
I could not tell a lie.
I DID have an expectation of something.
I loved the rush of pleasure when I gave.
I loved to see smiles.
I loved to give happiness to others.
Shutting the door I realized….
Karma HAD arrived
Karma had been there each and every time I gave.

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