Conversation with Daughter getting ready to embark on 35 day Asian Adventure…..

Me: Okay sweetie….you will check in often?

Amy: Honestly mom…..don’t you know who I am? I am the queen of checking in….of course I will check in.

Me: And you know that if your spidey senses are saying “don’t do something” you will listen and not do it?

Amy: Yes mom…..I will listen to my spidey senses

Me (silently thinking): OMG they have HUGE spiders there…..why did I say that. Now I am going to think about huge spiders AND bed bugs.

Focus ……Judy…….. Focus

Me: And of course…..have FUN…but not too much fun okay? I mean…..I want to you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do, but within reason okay?

Amy: Okay mom

Me (silently thinking): Dear Gawd I wonder if I have to remind her NOT to rent a damn scooter because we all know that nothing good comes from renting a scooter.

Amy (silently thinking): I wonder when she is going to remind me NOT to rent a scooter.

Me: I expect you to be returned in the same condition that you left…… (begins rocking in the corner)

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