Home Remedies……

After returning from Hawaii in December, my hubby has complained about having water in his ear. If you were too look at his browser history, you will note much investigation into “home remedy” for removing water from your ear.

Last night this happened:

Hubby walks into house with bag and promptly heads to the upstairs bathroom.

Me (intrigued because he was only going out for coffee cream) perk up from my seated position in living room: “Whatcha doin?”

Hubby: “I have rubbing alcohol and an eye dropper. I am going to mix up a solution of vinegar and rubbing alcohol and get you to place a few drops in my ear”.

Me: “Is this something that you googled on the internet?” (because…..well….we know that the internet is simply a wealth of great information that one should trust for all medical needs).

Hubby: “Yes. Apparently the alcohol will help dry up the water and the vinegar will help with any infection”.

Me: “Hmmmmmm……”

Hubby calling me from bathroom: “Can you come in here and help me please?”

Me (entering bathroom and reeling from smell of alcohol and vinegar): “What do I do?”

Hubby (placing his head on counter top, turning so that his ear is facing up): “Place three drops into my ear please”

Me (picking up eye dropper commence to emptying the entire contents of dropper): “Okay….done”

Hubby: “Just three drops?”

Me (backing out of bathroom and heading out to my chair in living-room) : “ummmmmm….yeah….give or take”

After a few moments pass, hubby comes out to living room and joins me.

Me: “Well……did it work?”

Hubby: “No…..now I just smell like vinegar”.

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