For the birds…..

10891705_10152749944832529_7347051697762005840_nDaughter traveling in Hong Kong posts pic of what appears to be a dirty bird cage with a handwritten sign on it. The caption on her Facebook post is “Bird Market!”

My response: “Awwww…….that is nice Amy. Um……Birds……avian…..avian flu….”

Perhaps I should have added “stay away from strange bird markets” on my WORRIED MOM list which included:

  • No riding scooters (nothing good comes from riding scooters on vacation)
  • Eating anything that she cannot Google to find out what is in it
  • Cuddling monkeys

She says that she hesitated posting the pic because she knew what I would think. “True…..I can make any molehill into a mountain”.

I am going to now cloak myself in my Anxiety Girl cape…….IMG_20140831_112313

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