Field of Green

A “Palliative Commencement” organizer”?

The “Afterlife” Party Planner?

An “Exit” Strategist?

All sound equally creepy, but I am as certain as I am sitting here drinking my Bailey’s and a splash of coffee that we will see a day where those services are for hire.

I can just see the website or advertisements now……

A video montage of a beautiful field of green grass with a voiceover by Morgan Freeman:

“Death is difficult enough without having to worry about planning it as well. At “Field of Green” Death Planning we help you design a death experience that your friends and family will remember forever!

(So much more reassuring when we hear Morgan’s voice……)


Want to go out with a bang? We can arrange for an authentic 18th Century canon explosion followed by a moving fireworks display. **Due to the extremely dry conditions affecting our region – fireworks are not available at this time**

Our Serenity Now package is our most requested experience and for a limited time, it is 50% off!!!! Note: We do request all payment in advance.

Call 1-800-HEL-PYOU today to hear more about our remarkable offers.

No detail is too small for our team at Field of Green. We even consult with our clients about mood lighting as we feel it is an integral part of the exit strategy. Candles are an end of life mainstay and included in every package at Field of Green. We are truly excited to now be able to offer locally crafted soy candles for a more sustainable experience.

We also have introduced the Bereavement Bundle, which includes colouring books for children under 12 and a CD with a selection of inspirational music.

Add one of the following to complete the bundle:

Push notifications: At time of death, our social media team will “push” a notification via cell phone text to those family and friends you wish to advise of your passing. It can be a simple message or a beautifully crafted goodbye text – Our creative team will work with you to create something worth sharing.

Account cancellation: Upon your passing, we will cancel all email subscriptions and close online accounts.

Mortality Makeover: Our team of stylist and makeup professionals will ensure that your last day is your best day!

Call now for a free consultation. Please advise if you have any allergies that we should be sensitive to or any religious requests that you would like to include.

Remember…….if death is coming to you, you most definitely should be coming to us!

Call today!

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