Oh Baby, Baby!

You know…….I could write an entire article about becoming a grandparent for the first time this past weekend.

Honestly……I could share the excitement we felt waiting for Baby K to be born and how we were so honoured to be involved and present when he was welcomed into the world.

I could tell you about hearing his first cry and how his tiny little bottom lip curled up like he was heartbroken and how in that moment, he broke our hearts.

How the little blue knitted cap seemed to dwarf his tiny, perfect, head.

11038654_10155358662185375_380808498644022841_o-2How his fingers seemed so incredibly long and fragile.

How he smiled (I know….it was gas).

How Matt looked so happy to be a daddy

How Samantha looked so overjoyed to be a mommy.

How we were over the moon with happiness and did that “ugly cry”.

And how I now understood how new parents and grandparents suddenly create video montages of birth and post it on Facebook (IAuntie understand, but will resist the urge).

I could tell you about the smell of his wee body and how immediately intoxicated we became within moments of holding him near.

I could tell you how joyous it is that Baby K has many, many grandparents, great grandparents who will love him and squeeze him and call him adorable.

How his  Amy and Uncle Ian will soon visit and fall in love immediately.

I could share how wonderful the staff was at the hospital and how fortunate we are to have such dedicated, caring maternity nurses in our community. Calm, warm and collected – true patient advocates. We owe you great gratitude.

I could share more…..but my hands and heart are full right now making it difficult to type. Forgive me, indulge me, please share in our happiness.

Dylan Jack Kucharuk born March 29, 2015 at 12:55 p.m. weighing 7 pounds and 1 oz

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