You had me at Nutella……..


WARNING regarding Tim Hortons Nutella products! The only way to fully explain what I am talking about is to describe my recent experience. I went through the drive thru of our local Tim Hortons so that I could get a coffee before a drive to FSJ. I noticed that they were now selling Nutella laden products and figured,

“perhaps I should try just one”.

Not wanting to commit to an entire donut filled with Nutella or a bagel generously slathered with Nutella, I opted for a small pastry pocket filled with the hazelnutty chocolate.

The employee said, “only one?” And I said, “only one please” (Heaven only knows how they might taste!).

She handed me the small brown bag and my extra large coffee and I pulled away. In retrospect, the paper bag could be described as comfortably warm but not hot and I could smell the sweetness even though the bag was folded tightly shut.

I reached into the bag to retrieve the warm pastry pocket and was surprised at how soft, fresh and sugary it felt in my fingertips: I had no clue what might be hiding within.

I took a bite and was immediately shocked at how the Nutella was so liquitious (a word I have made up), so gooey, so magically devine in my mouth. Not a solid, but not really a liquid…

I am not certain what type of wizardry that Tim Hortons engages in, but I don’t understand how they get the Nutella inside the pocket. There were no obvious injections sites.

Overtaken with the deliciousness, I took a second and final bite, the entire pastry pocket was now in my mouth. This happened so quickly that I had not even driven completely through the drivethru and already I had eaten my pastry pocket, the only evidence was glittering sugar against the backdrop of my black car seat and a wee bit on my scarf. This product SHOULD come with a WARNING: Don’t suffer the same disappointment that I suffered, buy more than one!

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