Out of the mouth of Bob’s

So…… last evening I acquiesced and rode along with hubby as he had to go back to work to tend to something “mechanicky”. I thought to myself, “Hey! This might qualify as couple time when I report back to my Life Coach”.

You see…..I never, ever go with him. He asks, oh he asks quite often actually, but you know….Grey’s Anatomy is not going to watch itself.

Another reason I don’t participate in ride-alongs is because at some point he begins speaking “Gas Operator” to me and frankly, my piece of measuring string is not calibrated to deal with KPI and flow and….you know. I listen, but I do not compute.

Last night was uneventful. We spent 20 minutes driving out to the site, 20 minutes doing whatever needed to be done, 10 minutes monitoring and then we headed for home. I had brought three books, a full bottle of water, my Ipad and a bag of snacks – clearly I was over prepared for the adventure. I stopped short of bringing my ear buds because…..well that might be construed as being rude.

It was a beautiful spring evening.The skies were a light blue and the fresh green was just beginning to appear on the trees. The sun was beginning to dip and there was this glittery glow on the grass and tree-line. The pollen and fluff in the air was clearly visible, just floating along, and the weird pre-dusk light made it strangely beautiful.

Supertramp began to play on the radio and I began to hum along. Out of the corner of my eye I saw hubby’s arm reach slowly out towards me, fingers curled softly as if to caress my cheek.

Smiling, I turned my head to him, as if to say with my eyes, “Sweetheart…..I am so glad I came with you”.

He whispers, “Turn your head back a little into the light….I can see a big hair on your chin. I can get it for you!”.

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