Reuben’s Hand

Parent holding the hand of a child

Today a little boy asked me if I would hold his hand.

Yes he did.

Which is strange because kids don’t normally like me.

As I walked past him sitting with his sister in his stroller, he said, “Will you hold my hand?”.

I crouched down in front of his stroller and reached out to hold his hand in mine.

He reached out and held my other hand in his.

And we looked at each other.

I asked his name.

“Reuben” he said, as he twisted in his seat so that his voice was muffled.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear…..what is your name?”

“Reuben” he said with a little giggle.

“You hands are nice and cool”, I said and he laughed.

Hours later I still remember the feeling of his cool little hand and his smiling blue eyes.

He must have known I needed it today.

That I needed to stop and hold the hand of a little boy

While he held mine.

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