Just pucker up and blow!

Just pucker up and blow!

Oh Jiminy Cricket……it isn’t that easy! I remember when I finally learned how to whistle. There was tongue placement and mouth shape and the question of “do I breathe in or out?” before any sound came forth.

I loved it when my Dad whistled. He whistled while he worked (of course), he whistled when he played the guitar or banjo, and he whistled when there was an absence of sound in the room.

He loved music (still does). It was beautiful.

“Can you teach me Dad? Can you?”

Patience was and still is not a virtue of my Father, so thankfully I catch on very quickly when learning something new. It wasn’t long before I could whistle my favourite Donny Osmond songs or music from the new Frankie Valli and the Four Season’s album. In particular, “Sherry Baby” sounded amazing when whistled.

My ability to whistle meant that I could take my music anywhere and play it any time. I didn’t know it back then, but whistling was like having my very own iPod!

As I grew up, I continued to whistle.

Working in a Government office, sharing my cubicle with another Clerk, I whistled until she begged me to stop. I guess “begging” is not the correct word, but she did bring it up on numerous occasions until I become very self-conscious and tried to refrain while at work.

By then it had developed into a habit. I whistled without realizing and the results were not always music to the ears of those around me. I didn’t whistle songs per se, but rather I whistled snippets of songs. Imagine hearing “Ava Maria”, turn into “Sail Away”, then transition to “I will Always Love You”. Confusing…..right?

These days I rarely whistle. I am not certain why I took respite from this habit, perhaps it was my feeling of self-consciousness after many someone’s made mention of my musicality or lack thereof.

It is sad that I allowed the opinions of others to keep me from doing something that I clearly loved. As I write this, I am trying to whistle and my mouth is tiring quickly. My whistle “muscles” have shortened and grown stiff with lack of use.

Damnit! I WILL begin whistling once more. I am gonna whistle in the car, whistle in the shower and sometimes I might whistle while I work! And no one, I mean no one is going to stop me!

There is music in my head that only a whistle can play………






2 thoughts on “Just pucker up and blow!

  • I was about 12 when I finally figured out how to whistle. Once I started I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t even know I was whistling half the time. Much to my horror, good and obedient student that I was, I got kicked out of class for whistling. I’d been warned but apparently I just couldn’t help myself. Thanks for bringing that memory back 🙂


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