Cheers! xoxoxo !!!!!!



This morning I caught myself for the umpteenth time signing off an email with:


Why? I am not a “Cheers!” kinda gal….what the heck!

When did I become infected with this virus where I substitute proper signatory sign off’s with the offhand, extemporesque, “I heart you”, casual word which somehow infers that I have an expensive, locally brewed IPA in one hand as my laptop sits in front of me on a bar table.

I have begun using this as my complimentary close to much of my email correspondence.

Let’s face it… doesn’t always work. For example:

I regret to inform you that you were not the chosen candidate…..



The test came back positive.


I don’t generally send the same types of correspondence as I used as examples, but I do find myself using the closing, “Cheers!” when I want to counter some negativity in the response. It has become a passive aggressive ending and I am hereby calling myself AND others out on it!

I don’t even use the word “Cheers!” in my spoken vocabulary, why on earth am I using it in my written responses?

I have indicated that 2016 is going to become the year of saying NO. Perhaps the first NO should be to uber casual email closings. Hmmmmmmmm?




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