I have been thinking……wouldn’t it be grand, wouldn’t it be awesome, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could experience one…..just ONE good news day? A day where no one was allowed to report on anything negative. Just unicorns and sunshine and bubble-gum……

It IS possible. It IS possible for a radio station or a news program to say, “Hey…..tomorrow morning when you wake up, the day will contain only good news stories”. Let’s face it, the bad stuff will be there for the next day and what is one day of reprieve?

There is plenty of stuff that we could talk about: “Tiny Kitten rescued and adopted by a good home” or “BREAKING NEWS! Doctors say that HOPE has been found to have therapeutic qualities”.

Jimmy Fallon even figured that a Good News Day would be fun:

Is it possible? Is it possible for even our local news station to devote one day or even one newscast to #goodnewsday? What about our radio stations? What about one day of good news……please?

Let’s make this happen people!!!


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