Naked Tuesday is a mindset, rather than a clothing optional day (although the mindset being that you “could if you wanted to and no one could stop you”).

Naked Tuesday is the result of the kids moving out, and the nest becoming quiet and empty. It is the freedom of being able to wear pajama pants all day and eat soup for dinner. It is being able to have a day, even if it is imaginary day, but nevertheless having a day where you could potentially spend it naked and it wouldn’t really matter anymore.

….”And that is when we began celebrating Naked Tuesday’s” I said as I leaned back into the overstuffed pillows on the couch taking a long, satisfying gulp of my vodka and iced tea. Phyllis’s face had gone slack and she was staring at me. She was either having a stroke or she was totally caught off guard. I chose to believe the latter and said, “Phyllis……you should close your mouth….flies are getting in”.

Naked Tuesday is also the title of my book available here!Naked Tuesday - Mockup view 3

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Sincerely, Anxiety Girl AKA Jump to Conclusion Girl 🙂

Yes…..I own a cape
Yes…..I own a cape

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