Sisterhood of the Traveling Book

Sisterhood of the traveling bookI love to read. Some books I devour as if they are the last book that I will ever read – I hungrily and swiftly tear through the pages, not stopping for anything until I have completed it. I bring it to the bathroom with me, I take it to bed with me…… Other books I savour. It can take me weeks to read it, oftentimes going back to the previous chapter to reread it before continuing. I read it when I have time to appreciate the words and understand their meaning.

Each of these types of book fulfills a need. The first tops up my imagination, the second tops up my heart and brain.

One such book that touched me deeply was, “The Kindness Diaries” by Leon Logothetis. I saw the book in the bookstore and was drawn to the word “KINDNESS” on the front cover. I picked it up and read further, “One man’s quest to ignite goodwill and transform lives around the world” was written below the title. Sure…..let’s give it a read. Glasses – check! Coffee – check! Comfy chair – check! I opened the book and began to read. At first I thought, “oh….another narcissist is going to share his personal journey where he/she gives up something for a year or learns something for a year or”……you know what I mean. But it wasn’t like that at all.

Beautifully written, I found something inspiring and moving in each chapter.

It didn’t feel like it was written by a narcissist. It didn’t read like a Morgan Spurlock documentary. It was real, it was inciteful, it was relatable. Frankly……I loved it and I know it sounds trite, but I also feel like I am a different person for reading it.

I thought I would devour the book, but instead I savoured it for a month, letting the words ping pong in my brain.

Phrases like, “Everyone deserves to be seen” and “Sometimes the success of a relationship has as much to do with how much it can handle as it does with how much you give it” (taken from “The Kindness Diaries”).

I shared my excitement over the book and said to friends on Facebook, “This book deserves to be shared. Lets create a sisterhood of the traveling book using The Kindness Diaries” and immediately two friends responded that they would like to read it next. I promised to pack the book up and send it along to the next person on the list when I was finished reading it.

Which brings me to today. I finished the book (finally) last night and am going to send it to Sandi who will read it and then send to Amie, after which she will send to Jennifer. At that point, we will re-evaluate our sisterhood and see if the book should continue on it’s journey.

Goodbye sweet book…..


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