Judy’s Worry System (with a handy chart!)

h o l a  b e a c h  c l u bIn advance of my daughter and her husband taking off on their 36 day Asia Adventure……..I have come up with my own Security Worry System, somewhat designed like the Homeland Security Advisory System. Instead of colour coded levels like:

Severe (red): severe risk
High (orange): high risk
Elevated (yellow): significant risk
Guarded (blue): general risk
Low (green): low risk

I will be replacing the above with my own Security Worry System known as “Judy’s Worry System”.

Lotus: Anticipatory Worry.

I will assume the lotus position and try to meditate myself to a worry free state. This is the anticipatory worry level while they are both still on Canadian soil and all I can do is anticipate how worried I will become.

Pink: Slightly nauseated by worry.

I will drink small amounts of Pepto Bismol when I am in this stage. This means that they are either a) in the air or b) cannot email, text or phone because there is no service available. Will only be alleviated by receiving a “proof of life” selfie.

Ativan: Stressed by worry

Cannot be controlled by either yoga or Pepto Bismol – require anti-anxiety medication.

Who are we kidding…..I cannot see myself doing yoga and I hate the chalky taste of Pepto…we all know that I will be reaching for the medication.

Taser: Insane by worry

To the point that I am out of control – may respond to a taser

Just so you know….I am currently at LOTUS

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