Long Capes and Leggings

It’s a cape, it’s a wrap it’s a shrug!
Said to keep the wearer comfy and snug
The heavy yawn of material with no true form
Draped across shoulders to keep you warm
Touching the hips at an unflattering spot
A short girls nightmare, one which I have been caught
The pressure I feel to join this trend
Will the cacophony of peer pressure never end?
I have donned leggings and jeggings paired with long denim shirts
Worn high boots with buckles under a long flowing skirt
None of these look right or make me feel good
But I’m only 50 years old and if fashionable I should
Toss a cape overtop with fringes that hang
Disproportionately long in reference to frame
I become a fat Lilliputian with a teeny tiny head
A look that screams out, “I wish I was naked instead”
But society dictates that I try to make nice
With these looks that are horrid and expensive in price
So I stick to dark colours and pair with large glasses
Because long capes and leggings make some of us (me)
look like fat asses!


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